August 1, 2017

Due Diligence Claims Audit Uncovers Unintended Plan Expenses

Business Situation:

This client engaged BMI to conduct a claims audit of their self-insured medical plan for due diligence purposes.


Utilizing our experienced staff and proprietary AUDiT iQ™ software, BMI set the following objectives:

  • Review 100% of all claims paid during an 18 month period.
  • Test claims against Summary Plan Descriptions, contracts and eligibility records.
  • Identify and analyze areas of possible fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Confirm appropriate coordination of benefits.
  • Audit a sample of claims on-site at the third-party administrator’s payment facility.
  • Present detailed findings in addition to specific cost-savings recommendations based on the data and audit results.
  • Provide post-audit guidance and assistance.

 Audit Finding:

  • Inappropriate coding for services that should have not been allowed
  • Improper coordination of benefits when members had other primary insurance
  • Lack of investigation and recovery where potential other party liability existed

Audit Outcome:

Initial overpayment amounts due to incorrect adjudication on claims examined for the audit totaled over $25,000. The administrator agreed to aggressively pursue recovery on the overpayments and run impact reports to reveal additional financial impact. A dedicated Post-Audit Support Coordinator was assigned by BMI to coordinate resolution of the issues identified as a result of the audit.

Coinciding with the audit, BMI analyzed plan designs against the claims data resulting in over $200,000 in potential future savings by making suggested plan language revisions. Areas in the analysis contained observations where the plan is silent, lacking limitations or overly broad.

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